Canlandia was written by Steve Richardson and illustrated by Fiona Sansom. It's set to be published by Fall of 2013. Follow Logan, to a tiny and delicious candy world inside the molecules of a grain of sugar. Logan discovers he has accidentally stumbled into an ancient prophecy meant for a great wizard who was to save Canlandia from the evil Baron Von Jawbreaker. The Baron who has stolen the all powerful and magical sapphire sugar crystal from the Queen is preparing for war and to take over Canlandia. Because the local Canlandian people think Logan is the long awaited wizard, he is teamed up with Butterbrickle, a skilled guide and warrior. They must take back the magical sapphire sugar crystal from the Baron and his 50,000 Mad Gobstoppers. Unfortunately, when its discovered Logan is on Canlandia by mistake and he doesn't have the wizards great powers, everything seems to be falling apart and the odds become daunting.

Journey with Logan and Butterbrickle as they trek across Canlandia, through candy apple forests, up chocolate rivers and across caramel canyonlands; all the while, trying to avoid Mad Gobstoppers, fierce Marzipan Dragons, Lollipop Gargoyles, Toffee giants and much more. There are several twists and turns that will keep you guessing and an enchanting mix of magic, fantasy and delicious candy surrounding to keep the story entertaining and very exciting.