Bob Eggleton's Ice Age America, is in its initial stages. It will feature the artwork of nine-time Hugo Award winning science fiction and fantasy artist Bob Eggleton. The book will look at North America region by region during the Ice Age and feature close to fifty works by Bob. Imagine some of North America's most iconic and beautiful landscapes such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Devil’s Tower, Yosemite, Zion and many more painted in a dramatic, romantic style that might resemble that of Hudson River painters like Albert Bierstadt or Thomas Moran. However in these works Bob will include all the stunning megafauna of the time including Columbian and woolly mammoths, saber tooth cats, giant sloths, American lions, camels, short faced bears and many other exotic extinct creatures. Paleo-Indians will also be illustrated in a number of chapters..

The book will be written by Marianne Plumridge and take an in-depth look at how different the North American climate and vegetation was. For example in the Southwest, the lower branch of a split jet stream centered over Arizona and New Mexico brought abundant moisture and cloud cover to the area. For tens of thousands of years some of today's driest, hottest deserts saw in some cases twice as much precipitation with much cooler temperatures. The giant mammoths, sloths and great cats of the Southwest would not have roamed over our vast deserts of cactus and yucca, but valleys of sagebrush, emerald green grasslands and scattered patches of conifers. Above them, towering snowcapped mountains and glaciers where today only the U-shaped valleys carved by the glaciers remain. To the north, ice sheets thousands of feet thick covered the region where boreal forests grow today stretching all the way to the Arctic Ocean and changing the global weather patterns. To the East, lower ice age sea levels doubled the land area of Florida as swamps sat where only ocean is today. Every corner of the continent from Hawaii to New York was like a pristine alien planet from today's world.

Wild and unblemished, ice age America must have been unmatched in beauty. It was a place where untouched wilderness stretched across the continent, giant, mythic creatures battled for survival in a brutal landscape and Palo humans first stepped onto this lonely yet beautiful continent not knowing they were the first to arrive. It was a time when lakes the size of states glistened in the sun where only shifting sands lie now, volcano's and lava flows frequently lit up the ancient landscape and deadly mega-floods violently swept across a thousand miles of land before reaching the oceans.

This won't be your typical Prehistoric book but a realistic, fantastical, artistic masterpiece and full Ice Age experience created by one of the worlds most decorated living artists. No other book will come this close to the real North American Ice Age in all its wild splendor, beauty and raw danger!

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