Billy's Mountain Picture Book

When Lavender Blue learns that the Banshee, the faerie messenger of death, will soon visit her best friend Rose, she makes a desperate wish on a star. Her prayer for a chance to save Rose is granted by the faeries of Galtee Wood, and Lavender finds herself entangled in an ancient and magical quest that will lead her through the perilous faerie realm. As Lavender races to reach her friend before the Banshee, she finds herself facing more dangers than she could have imagined, dangers that will test her wits, her courage and her love to the limit. Can Lavender find the strength to overcome the magical dangers and dark faeries in time to save Rose? Or as the blackness of night veils the woods, will the piercing cry of the Banshee warn that she is too late?

Illustrated by Larry MacDougall, Silver Award winner in the 15th annual Spectrum Competition for Science Fiction and Fantasy Art with his piece Rainy River: Larry is highly recognized and respected by the earth and faerie community for his mystical and often delightful faerie tale watercolors. Larry is often compared to Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac and John Bauer, master illustrators from the golden age of faerie tale illustration. This book contains over twenty of his works in all their glory.

The Faeries of Galtee Wood will take you into a faerie world of extreme danger, enchantment and unrelenting tension. Be prepared for a magical adventure of beauty and inspiration on a grand level! A book for both young and old that will stay with you for years to come.